Sunday, February 20, 2011

Quite Possibly THE Most Touching Gift Ever

Yesterday marked the 23rd month anniversary of my 10 year old son's passing. 

Montie had Marfan Syndrome & on March 19, 2009 his heart stopped beating while he slept on the couch.... a fire was going & I was sleeping on the floor next to him. He'd just had his 7th back surgery to adjust his titanium rods, and we weren't able to make it up to his bed.

Montie was the happiest child I've ever known! His vulnerability met with a smile seemed to draw in both adults & other kids. 

But he never met one of his best friends in person. Mont met T during an online PS3 game. I want to guess it was one of the Call of Duty versions, because they (a gaggle of kids, including my younger daughter, Morgan, and my hubby) played it constantly. Not only did they play the actual game, but the kids over the years created their own games within the games. 

It was all fascinating to watch... how these deep relationships were created virtually & carried over later to phone conversations & plans being made to meet up with a few of these friends and their parents.

Unfortunately, we never got to carry out these plans to meet before Montie passed away. And later when we did meet T & his parents, it was all so bittersweet. We laughed, set off fireworks, and  carried on with T & his parents for two days. Throughout thoroughly enjoying hanging out in person with someone whom Montie had treasured as a friend. Oh but it was sad knowing he wasn't here physically to experience it with us.

Morgan & T have kept in touch, part of each other's virtual world of friends that span the country. 

And yesterday T & his parents surprised us with a gift we will treasure forever. Below is a drawing T commissioned his aunt to do as a gift to us... 

The personal additions are reminders of how much fun T & Montie had playing Little Big Planet & Call of Duty. And Turkeylip was Montie's call-sign online...

This was drawn from one of the last pictures taken of Montie. 

Thank you T <3


  1. I just couldn't help but cry as I read this. What special people to remember Montie and bring you this reminder. He touched everyone's heart and was so very special.

  2. Thanks Kathryn - I know I wouldn't have made it through these last couple of years without you...

  3. GOD bless those friends. What a wonderful gift. This world is not filled with hate. If we look around we can find GOD and love in the people all around us. They are GOD's messengers, HIS speakers, HIS way to touch us physically with others by their love and kindness. GOD bless "T" and his family and "Turkey Lip" forever.
    Poppy / Ed

  4. So thoughtful!! What a treasure.....