Saturday, February 18, 2012

Quick Quilt Update

Just wanted to show the latest quilt off the machine. 

I love the vibrant colors of the batiks!

It's quilted with the Dragon Tail panto.

I hope you're all having a fantastic weekend? It's a party weekend of sorts here. Hung at my brother & SIL's today to celebrate my oldest nephew's 7th birthday. And tomorrow my girls, my mom & I are taking my SIL out for a lunch/movie date. We're seeing One for the Money~ read the book some years ago, which I enjoyed, and the movie trailer looks hilarious. Can't wait!


  1. This is incredibly beautiful. I'm in awe!

    I envy you One for the Money, I have not seen yet but read every book. I'm sitting down with my husband right now to watch Dolphin Tails. He's complaining but I'm smiling.

  2. I love this QUILT! I commented about it on the Stitch & Craft website too!