Saturday, January 28, 2012

Finishes, Friends & Fly-Fishing

This is the 2nd grid-work quilt for the same woman this week. It went well, but it was a little hard on my back! I know I'm close to needing bi-focals, and I'm not sure if they'd help with something like this, but I was bent over a bunch checking out the SID & other lines!!

The best way to describe this quilt would be "tapestry". The fabric was heavy & felt a bit like furniture fabric. I was sooo worried it'd break needles & whatnot, but instead it quilted up beautifully & gave me no troubles whatsoever.

I attended a "sew-in" @ Stitch & Craft and had a fabulous time getting away from the household duties for a bit. This is just a tiny sampling of the delicious foods that showed up as part of our pot luck:

I always enjoy seeing the different projects all the ladies (and one teenager!) are working on, different ideas about mixing/matching colors, and brain-storming projects & techniques together.

As always, it went fast & I got less done than expected ~ lots of talking, laughing & eating were done though...

My hubby made these, not I... He's become interested in fly-fishing in the last couple years & has begun making his own flies~ I just thought they were cute & wanted to include them :)

Tonight I'm enjoying a night in with my kiddos & a friend watching Blades of Glory. I can't help but love this movie & laugh hilariously~ we have the entire Grublets On Ice dialogue memorized!

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  1. It was a great day with great food and great people!!!! I'm glad I met you oh so long ago so I can enjoy your company at fun events like that!