Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A Couple Weeks with Coughing

I got what I thought was the Garden Variety Cold a couple weeks ago. Except it kinda started in my chest & has set up camp! I'm not grossly congested, nothing warranting a trip to the doctor's office (or so I keep telling my annoyed kids.) But truly, other than coughing every time I try to lie down to rest, *as in get some sleep after cleaning, working, chauffeuring, cooking, dog walking, feeding, chasing for 16+ hours*, I have no fever that I know of. I'm exhausted, yes, but with no fever I'm guessing there's no infection or virus. So whatever... I've become one of the Walking Dead hopeful of emerging as a Productive Awake Person here very soon (who doesn't annoy her children with every breath & coughing convulsion for those 16+ hours straight~IF they don't happen to be holed up in their bedrooms.)

To catch you up on some of my past two weeks...

There have been a few days I've felt up for the doggie walk, and Smokey has been good about slowing down during my coughing spasms.

Saw my first sign of Spring-like growth. If you look closely, you can see a bulb of some sort emerging.

 But then we've had a couple of random snow-shower days thrown in between gorgeous, sunny weather!

I've finished two baby quilts which are identical in construction & quilting (Popcorn panto)89:

And I finished reading "The Breaker" by Minette Walters.

Here's the book blurb from
Why was Mary killed, and her daughter, a witness, allowed to live? Why weren't they together, and why had Mary willingly boarded a boat when she had a terror of drowning at sea? Police suspicion centres both on a young actor, and the murdered woman's husband.

Product Details

Would I recommend it? Not necessarily~ I'd probably give it a 5 out of 10. I did want to know "who dunnit" & read till the end, but I can't proclaim to have loved the writing style enough or have been captivated by the story line enough to say to a friend, "You should read this book."

I do think the characters were developed nicely, and it was an easy read; so I wouldn't necessarily not tell you to read it either! How's that for indifferent??

Sigh... it's 11:51pm & I should be tucked in my electrically heated bed by now, snuggling & slumbering contentedly next to my hubby, BUT coughing fit #1,000,001 began & so instead I'm finishing my blog entry, sipping decaf French Vanilla tea (which I'm finding a weird tea flavor~ it just sounds too COFFEE to me??), hoping these kittens will soon wear themselves out from their excitement over seeing me reappear. Last night as I was finally dozing off on the couch, they ran over me during their escapades, repeatedly stuck their furry faces into mine as if to head-butt their way into my mouth, and then stuck kitty butts in my hair!! What is it about kittens & human hair laying on a pillow?? It didn't feel like that kneading they do, so though it didn't seem like they were searching my head for a furry cat-momma nipple, for some reason that crossed my mind. Demented & unclear thinking abounds with sleep-deprivation, and I fear I'm allowing the the unconscious stream of thought to invade my beloved blog... Me thinks I will try to lie down again. 

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  1. Sorry you've been sick! I love the two photos of the winter contrast with spring. It seems like spring keeps trying to come out here too. And then winter decides to take over for a little longer. Personally, I'm ready for spring.