Saturday, May 05, 2012

Shop Hop Eye Candy

Alright, so maybe not everyone would consider deer "shop hop eye candy", and I never expected to see deer at any of the quilt shops. BUT one of them had a pen-full of deer in their side yard, and you can see this one was quite friendly!

I couldn't decide whether to be irritated by the penned-up deer?? Why were they penned up? I'm hoping they don't serve as this family's yearly "deer meat" or something similar?? 

Though now that I think of it, it's not so dissimilar to what we do to cows & pigs now, is it? And don't get all freaky-deak on me~ I'm not some squirrelly vegetarian with no tolerance for pig and/or cow eating & being all judgmental ... I eat mean... just making an observation!

This same lovely shop (the one that went on and on and on and on) provided the most comfortable gliders on which we sat & had our lunch. And might I just add, we had the more glorious day for this weather-wise.

Now to some pictures of the loot! This first set of fabric is for making birthday place mats for the most part. I made them for my own gang at home & want to make some "generic" ones as well.

I was lacking browns in my stash:
(I think the one is actually black?)

Tea fabric!
Coffee fabric!

A homespun I plan to turn into napkins for us.

A couple fun novelties: 

And we went to a new shop that offers a very nice array of wool felt! It's difficult to find in stores around here, even with us being in Lancaster, PA, which seems to be the quilt store mecca of the USA!
(the small brown piece on top is actually 100% wool)

These are the four shop hop blocks I'll make "someday". 

A few nifty patterns:
Notions~ If you enlarge this one you can see the labels say, "Created by Denise". How cool is that??!?!

And another random-makes-me-laugh picture, because yes, this was found within the deer quilt shop. The Amish & Mennonite are well-know for their herbal remedies, but the presentation & location cracked me up.

That'll be enough quilt shop-hopping for a little while. I'm still not back in my sewing room since our home was flooded in September of this last year, and all of my fabric is still in boxes. I can dig through them if I REALLY want to sew, and I have on a few occasions. But really the process is so annoying & exhausting that by the time I've dug through everything trying to find anything, I have no patience or energy left to BEGIN a new sewing project. Instead I just keep stock-piling :) 

Happy Weekend everybody!