Tuesday, February 08, 2011

A Mysterious Finding...

It seems innocuous enough, but where did it come from?

This bottle of Rita's water mysteriously appeared on our dining room table. 

When it was noticed, everyone wanted to know, "Who went to Rita's & didn't invite me?!?"

But I haven't gone, my husband hasn't been there, my oldest daughter who used to work there hasn't gotten anything from there, and my younger daughter is too young to drive herself to Rita's without one of us!! 

In thinking back to this week's visitors (which weren't many) to the house, no one who hung out or came into the house that far had brought it in.


Perhaps I should let you in on a tidbit about our 221 year old house.... we are a stop on Marietta's Ghost Tour.

Some from here would suggest there have been haunting occurrences...

....some from here have heard things.... seen things...

but none remembers finding random objects none of us brought into the house. 

Hmm.... just thought it was interesting & thought I'd share.

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  1. Wow and more wow -- seriously -- we bought bottled water at Rita's on one of our shopping days either last year or the year before... did the ghost find the old bottle from that time? Sometimes your house just spooks me out!