Monday, October 22, 2012

Two Blues & Two Finishes

Two of the gals from the shop I quilt for, Stitch & Craft, entered their quilts & both won blue ribbons! As I understand it, there wasn't a longarm quilting category, so my name isn't on them, but I did quilt them & so I was pretty excited to be a part of the process :)

Ladybugs pieced by Erika. Other pics can been seen here: Ladybugs & Hearts

Bright Rectangles pieced by Joanna.

And I had a couple that I finished this week too:

Geese & Pink Blocks Top; QUILTED custom (freehand)

Autumn 10-Patch on Point Top; QUILTED with Bubble Meander (freehand)

Nothing too exciting going on here this week. Lots of quilting, schooling & some visiting with friends. My older daughter had a friend visit from Georgia a couple times, and I hosted a Creative Caper in my home for some of my favorite peeps on Friday. 

Hope to catch up with y'all soon. Piece-out! 
(get it... piece... as in sewing/piecing... yeah, I know, I'm a dork!)

Sunday, October 14, 2012

"Eventful" Week & 1 Quilt

Autumn is cruising right along, wouldn't you say? We've turned the heat on & are seeing the leaves starting to change colors here in Pennsylvania. 

Since I last wrote my girls have helped keep things "eventful" as I hinted at in the title. 

The younger daughter, Morgan, looked very grown up going to homecoming with a boyfriend this year: 

This at least was a fun thing! Later in the week, Maegan, the older daughter, dropped her phone in a bucket of water, and her car died on her TWICE. Morgan followed up by dropping her phone in the shower. Yep, you read that right... in. the. shower. (And yes I mean while she was IN the shower!)

We just had a generally spastic week. Electronics were on the fritz left & right, our school days weren't going quite as planned, and I was constantly behind schedule on quilting. Just one of those weeks...

I did get this quick quilt worked in before I started on another custom one that isn't done to show yet: 

Baskets & Blocks Top; QUILTED with Leafy Swirl (freehand)

We did manage to leave some time for fun in between the annoyances life was handing us.

Monday the kids carved pumpkins: 

 And Thursday we had a bit of fun with our school day & visited Jen's Pottery Den to paint some pottery. 

We got to browse a used book store nearby too, which is always fun for us bookworms! (not that you look like a worm, Morgan; it's just a figure of speech...heehee)

To end our week, the girls & I went to see Pitch Perfect. Did anyone else see it? I enjoyed it but will have to admit it wasn't *quite* as good as I was expecting. Is it just me?? Or maybe it had more to do with my sour mood that evening (it was a looooong-feeling week.) 

Here's hoping the upcoming week will be slightly more productive...

Sunday, October 07, 2012

My Quilting Masterpiece

A.K.A. Star Spin 
Pieced by Stitch & Craft 
Quilted ~ by me!
Full Frontal (why does that sound dirty??)

 Most of the back view

A little closer of the back view

Showcases "McTavishing" Technique - Front

Meandering Paisleys - Front

Paisleys on back

Star center is done with Freehand Victorian Feathers - Front

Feathers & McTavishing - Back

 Freehand Victorian Feathers - Back

This marvelous sucker took me 34 HOURS to quilt! And I must say, though I felt stress from being under a deadline, I thoroughly enjoyed the process.