Wednesday, October 20, 2010

My stitching obsession grows larger than life....

....and beyond my pocketbook as well! Seriously, as if hoarding quilting supplies wasn't enough, I've decided to revive my first stitching love: cross-stitching. My 18 yo daughter & I hit a cross-stitch show this past Saturday & came home with various patterns, Aida fabric, a Stand-Up Finishing Instructions Kit, and more ideas & inspiration than I have money to support!!

So where do we go today? Michaels... whose logo says, "Where Creativity Happens". Let's just be clear on this.... creativity rarely strikes me in the middle of a buying frenzy because I've lost most rational, sane thought beyond I MUST HAVE THIS and this and this, and ooohhh one of these.... hmmm I might NEED this when I do THAT. Sigh.... it's a sickness in stitchery consumption, I know. I spent $90+ on 53 clumps of floss, another storage container for my exploding floss collection, 4 wooden letters for younger daughter to paint (who incorrectly quoted how much they were!), 1 paint for said wooden letters, 6 more aida cloth "just in case" (although one is the very cool shimmery stuff called "Silver Dusted"), a book called "Sample the Seasons", 1 flashlight (random!), 2 candy bars & a bag of Riesen's.

The candy was to restore our depleted energy of course! Because after that I still had to do the weekly grocery shopping chore.

Now if only I would start to CREATE with all this creative crap!!!!

p/s Tried to post a picture but, alas, I'm getting no cooperation from the uploader >:-/