Thursday, February 23, 2012

A Couple Quilts

This Flannel Diamond quilt was made by Maureen at Stitch & Craft for her hubby. It's quilted with a   medium-sized freehand Puzzle Meander.
The hubs is going to be very cozy under this~ the flannel is sooo soft!

The blocks on this one are all embroidered~ Wish I'd checked these pictures better before taking it back to the shop. A couple closer-ups would've been nice. You'll just have to take my word that they are stunning :)

I did no quilting on the blocks per the piecer's instructions, but did SID around them & a loopy freehand snowflake in the border.

Okay, so this one isn't OF a quilt, but I am UNDER a quilt! This is Maisy being snuggly & purry.

I had the most spectacular walk today. There was no convulsive coughing or profuse nose-oozing (sorry, that's kinda gross), and it wasn't freezing! 

I actually had to shed a top layer before heading outside. We walked a good 45 minutes, enjoying the slight breeze & sunshine. Well, maybe Smokey was enjoying other aspects more, like sniffing every stop sign base, pile of poo, and the grave stones along the way, but I digress..


  1. I'm ready for spring for real. And I'm ready for more quilt pictures please!!!

  2. I think the job of quilting quilts would be a wonderful job. My problem would be not wanting to give back the all the wonderful and pretty quilts.