Friday, March 09, 2012

Quilts from the week

Mustard Large Star top quilted with the Hedges panto:

Midnight Sun top quilted with Freehand Puffy Heart:

 Colored Rectangles top quilted with Freehand Loops & Stars:

I'm a woman of few words lately.

It seems life likes to throw me curve balls, and I must be slow at learning adeptness at handling this... 

2011 was a dramatic year for our family, and I've been keeping all my fingers, toes, and hairs crossed wishing for a more "normal" year for us. 

So far, it's not been too terrible, but I literally spent the entire month of February sick. First I had a chest cold with a cough that went on for three weeks, and just as I was getting rid of that, I picked up a head cold. (Yes, first it was in my chest & then it was all in my head! heehee)

I haven't felt that run-down since last year when I had the flu! So much falls by the wayside when you're trying to get by on limited energy. Sigh... so I'm finally starting to catch up on some things I'd meant to do some weeks ago, and that does feel good.

Hope y'all have a fantastic weekend!

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