Sunday, March 18, 2012

Bleary Eyed Blogger

It's 1:52am & I'm still wide awake. It's mostly due to having taken a nap to stave off a vomit-inducing migraine. Sorry, that was gross. 

The pain migrated from my neck to the right side of my head as I drove to the quilt shop to make a delivery. Driving with my left hand, I fumbled in my purse with my right hand, digging out a mixture of two Advil with a Vanquish, thrown back with half a water bottle. (I pondered dehydration?)

It was about then at noon that I realized I'd only had a banana with some grapes for breakfast. Maybe I was just over-hungry? My fellow migraine sufferers will understand this quest to find The Trigger.

Once at the shop, I found the ladies (one of whom is my BFF) heading to the family-owned market store up the road for lunch. I went along & hung out at the shop eating my lunch with all the actual class-takers. And I felt better until I started driving. 

What the hay??? Undulating farmland left me feeling queasy. I opened the windows, turned off the air, got hot & nauseous, turned the air back on, propped my elbow on the door & held my head while I drove...

Thanking God, I pulled into the driveway~ Thankful to have made it home without having had to pull into somebody's parking lot or on the side of the road simultaneously serving as comedic horror for passersby.

I changed into dumpy clothes & hit my bed... and stayed there for a good 2+ hours. I'm not usually a good napper. I wake feeling more crabby & tired usually than if I'd just toughed it out until an early bedtime came around. However, sometimes a tough migraine just needs to be put to bed. 

I didn't even feel like I'd slept, but I must've because now I'm wide awake.  This is one of those rare moments I'm glad my kiddos are growing up & I know I can sleep in :)

p.s. Here is the latest quilt:

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