Saturday, September 22, 2012

Tea Mat Gift

Sewing has actually... FINALLY... occurred! 

I had to wait to show it, though, since this was for a tea-drinking friend who reads the blog now & then...

 I even managed to quilt a steaming teacup in the center...

Three of us hadn't gathered for some time & we exchanged belated birthday gifts. I cannot wait to play my gift:

I'm going to make someone play this with me this weekend... mwahahahaha!!!

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  1. I just came by to say hi! You're quilts are incredible and I've gone through your blog and admired all the ones I've missed. Wish I was there to play stitchopoly, you know even with no talent in sewing I'd kick your butt :-) Someday I will have the money and I'll kindly beg for a law enforcement quilt, just for me!