Saturday, February 12, 2011

Friends are a blessing!

Being blessed with great friends is awesome!

Just having someone to connect with on an emotional level deeper than "What are we having for dinner?", "Where are my shin guards?", "Can you take me to ______ ?", etc., is a wonderful gift from God.

It's made all the sweeter if you share interests, hobbies, viewpoints...

My two sewing buddies & I finally got together after a several month hiatus to sew (duh) & exchange Christmas goodies! See the show & tell below...

Look closely at this clock K gave to see what's in place of what is usually numbers...
so cute!

 Also from K, she knows I've become more interested in canning/freezing in the last few years as we keep expanding our gardens. I have no natural ability whatsoever in the kitchen, so having clear, concise instructions to tell me what the heck I'm doing will be most helpful.

These goodies were actually for Valentine's Day but just had to show off the little bag my friend, S, made that held the rest of the items. (those are little heart pins to the left there)

... and a subscription to this magazine! 

K, S & I share several obsessions: sewing, quilting, and FOOD. We laugh because as we're sitting at one sewing get-together & beginning to look ahead to our next gathering, most often we talk about what "food theme" to have BEFORE we figure out where/when!! hahaha

For example, when we sewed this past weekend we had a breakfast food theme. S made these delicious egg/bacon in toast cups, K made a very yummy baked oatmeal, and I'd brought a totally unhealthy but sinfully tasty Monkey Bread.

And though we haven't yet set a date for our next sew-in, we've already decided we're making finger foods for next time... 

Friends make my grown-up days more tolerable & help me stay sane! I'm so thankful for my girlfriends :-)

p/s I'm blessed many times over because in addition to S & K whom I share those obsessions already mentioned, I also happen to consider a handful of family members some of my best friends as well. But I'll save that for another day....

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  1. And I got some great stuff from my bffs! I'm glad you liked the clock -- I'm hanging my matching one in my sewing room tomorrow. And we do like to make food, don't we!