Monday, April 09, 2012

Quilt Finishes & Easter Noise

A Pioneer Quilt Top
Quilted with a simple Puzzle Piece Meander (freehand)

Blue Pinwheels Quilt Top
Quilted with Swirly Leaves (freehand)

Did everyone enjoy their extended Easter break? We surely have!

I began Friday quietly with my nose in a devotional & thanking God for the gift of His Son.

Then I had a mini-date with my hubby running errands, whereby we picked up more paint for my sewing room. He's been fixing & patching walls & the ceiling, and painting & working on the trim work. This is all in preparation for some replacement carpeting since being flooded in September. (It's been a very long process.)

I spent most of Saturday quilting for the shop, then I cleaned the downstairs in preparation for Easter day.

Easter was fairly quiet in it's beginning, but surely ended in bursts of happy noise. We went to my brother & sister-in-law's home for dinner & celebrated with their two boys & my parents.

At the end of the evening, I got to fulfill a heart's desire to try playing drums. My brother is a musician, but I didn't realize he had a drum set sitting in his studio that I could try!!

All I can say is that it was EXTREME FUN! And my hubby said I'm "allowed" to put one on the 3rd floor :)

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  1. Again, such beautiful quilts!

    I have some limited musical ability, but alas, not for percussion instruments. I always thought drums seemed fun, but I am nowhere near cool enough to play them! ;) I'll stick with my basic piano and guitar skills!