Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Summer is speeding by!

I can't get over the fact that it's been  a little over 2 weeks since I touched base here! 

We've had various appointments taking up our days: 
*a couple with the local high school where my younger daughter is now enrolled & so had to meet with the guidance counselor twice to go over class options & then actually schedule said classes
(let's not even go into my coming to terms with no longer homeschooling!!)
*a couple appointments with the orthodontist for the same 14 year old to get that ball rolling
(and another coming up to put the actual braces on later this week!)
*one dental appointment for the customary teeth cleaning but also for pulling two teeth for the same 14 year old daughter in preparation for those braces
*a general physical for THE SAME DAUGHTER to get her into public high school sports
*an appointment with our wonderful homeschool evaluator to finish up the 14 year old's 8th grade school year
*and a random eye appointment for myself
(to get bifocal contact lenses--shhh I'm still in denial about this)

Along the way I've also gotten a decent handful of quilts done for Stitch & Craft. Here's one of the latest: (sorry the pics aren't the greatest)

I spent a couple days reorganizing my sewing room & it's closet
(the bad side)
 (the good side--though now both sides are good)

Went hiking with the family on Father's Day
(Maegan, me & Morgan)
 Me & Marshall

I swim Smokey most days after we've walked. 

And Morgan & I went to a used book sale, grabbing 40 books & 20 magazines for $5!! 
(Yes, we are book hoarders)

We're having fun & getting lots done, but I'm really looking forward to some SUMMER VACATION days!! You know the kind where I wake up when I darn well feel like it & the dogs' bladders won't explode, I veg on the computer or whatever I want for however long I want, float aimlessly in the pool for as long as it takes for me to get bored, have a completely ready dinner miraculously appear in my kitchen, someone snaps their fingers to clean up like Bewitched, and then I go up to read leisurely before bed while someone else puts both dogs out separately & also goes out to find the cat & bring him in...

Oh dang, I slipped into dream-mode again.... 


  1. As a fellow book hoarder myself, I say congratulations on those purchases! That's a great selection you found. Sounds like you've been quite busy lately. Congrats to getting your daughter off to high school. I'm sure that's a transition in of itself. Happy Summer!

  2. Thanks Leah! BOOK HOARDERS UNITE!! :)

    And, yes, I'm not sure what I feel about sending my 14 yo off to school this year?? This will be the first time in something like 19 years that I'll be home by myself, I'm not working outside of the home & I won't be in school (I've been the perpetual student as well.) So there's some excitement about the possibilities but also a little sadness this chapter of mom-ness is changing...