Sunday, June 05, 2011

A "Quilts for Kids" finish

I've actually had quite a few finishes lately and will start "showing them off" with this one that is near & dear to my heart. I've written before about the Quilts for Kids organization, and how they are driven to provide comforting blankets to hospitalized kiddos. 

They precut the fabric & send it along with very clear directions on pattern construction as well as what to do to prepare your quilt for being loved by a child (wash, dry, remove all pins- isn't that last one a DUH???) 

With all of Montie's hospital stays, he'd received numerous blankets... almost one every time he was an inpatient. I got to witness first-hand what a difference that extra, tactile-love made to my child when he was hurting and/or scared. Having something soft & warm, colorful & vibrant adds a homey touch to an otherwise sterile environment. 

If you're a sewer please consider checking out the Quilts for Kids website to request your own kit be mailed to you for completion. The only expense to you is your time, some batting, and the postage to send it back. All the fabric for the top & bottom are provided.

Thanks for looking/reading. Hope y'all are having a Sanity Saving Sunday!

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