Saturday, June 11, 2011

Random Quilt Finishes

I've been finishing client quilts left & right, but I've also been winding up our homeschool year & dealing with numerous appointments, and just generally being hectic, that I haven't kept up with posting the finishes. 

So today's blog is short on words & long on eye candy 
(or pics for those of you who don't "dig" quilts)

Remember these are quilts pieced by clients & given to me to do the actual quilting part:

Flannel plaid blocks pieced by an unknown client through the quilt shop Stitch & Craft in Manheim, PA
Quilted with freehand Puzzle Piece pattern
(I almost like the quilting on the back better because it usually shows up more)

Victory Quilt pieced by Renee Thomas
Quilted with Freehand Leaves, Ferns, Butterflies

T-Shirt Memory Quilt pieced by an unknown client through Stitch & Craft
Quilted freehand Puzzle Piece pattern
 A couple shots of the blocks in closer detail...

The back is a pieced dark/light fleece. 

Not sure the name of this quilt pattern, but it was pieced by an unknown client through Stitch & Craft
Quilted with freehand Diagonal Water pattern

This is a $5 BOM pieced by the shop Stitch & Craft
Quilted with freehand Custom Quilting 
(meaning each block and/or sashing area is quilted according to it's individual pattern & piecing)

This is a "before" shot

Some of the sashing/border work

I tried to keep the writing & descriptions to a minimum. I hope I didn't cause eye-glazing to occur with so many pictures one after the other??

 Tomorrow I'm hosting a Sanity Saving Sewing day here at my house-- actually we're celebrating a dear friend's birthday, but it'll also help save my sanity :)

And I'm hoping to have another Christmas present or two finished....

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  1. Sanity Saving Sewing day was AWESOME and those quilts are incredible!!! You rock!