Friday, August 12, 2011

Whippet Goes Down

Introducing our other dog... Dino the Whippet.

So far, you've mostly heard about the Spastic Lab, but this week's Doggie Antics showcase Dino.

Somehow while out in the backyard by himself with no other dogs around & no way to make contact with a moving vehicle, he managed to dislocate his hip & get some nasty lacerations. 

In an effort to allow the over-stretched ligaments, etc., to heal, Dino has his leg bandaged in place  & is reduced to hopping on three legs. 

He spent the night at the animal hospital & came home a tad wobbly, so we were holding the leash in one hand & his tail in the other to lend stability. 

(my daughter, Maegan, helping Dino get up)
This has consumed my week for the most part... trying to keep him calm, help him get up, help him lie down, hand feedings, shoving pills down, and running through the yard Quasimodo-style holding Dino's leash in one hand & his tail straight up in the air with the other one, trying desperately to keep up with him while simultaneously getting whipping in the face with various things in the yard (our "gardens" roughly resemble a jungle presently.) 

Hope y'all have a terrific weekend!

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