Friday, August 19, 2011

I'm a Bag Lady

I have a small addiction to bags- pocketbooks, totes, coin purses, hobo bags, etc....

I'll admit to not being too picky. Yes, I own a couple small Coach bags, but I'm not opposed to grabbing something that catches my eye at a cheaper, box store too.

My latest thing is having learned how to make a lined zipper purse. 

The butterfly purse ended up being an odd shape. I like it's width but it looks a little short/squat: 

And I didn't properly catch the sparklies in the fabric either. Morgan deemed it "dorky" & asked me not to take it out shopping at the mall!! hahahaha

I made some adjustments & tried again with this beautiful sunflower fabric. I REALLY like the way this one turned out!
Made it taller & not quite so wide, but I did keep the bottom width. 

I customize the pockets for what I want to be held within: checkbooks, chapstick (a good friend gave me a terrific hint to make this pocket short, too, so that it doesn't get "lost" too far down), hand sanitizer, a pen, etc.

Next, I want to make a zippered totebag. With the school schedule starting & all the running around that entails, I'll be spending a fair amount of time in the car just waiting for my daughter. 

And I'm a huge fidgeter. I have to have something to do or read or somewhere to write while confined in the car, and so I always keep a bag packed & ready to go. 

But I guess I also do a bit of careening about in my car, as so often my bags are flopping here & there with the contents spilling out. Thus, the zippered totebag idea... 


  1. Love the bags and I think the butterfly purse was lovely!

  2. Love that butterfly bag!

  3. Hi Denise,
    My mom is a big quilter and would love to hang with you :-). I might be more interested in your ghost stories, though. Ha ha! Your house sounds eerily FABULOUS! What fun to live in a house with such history. You'll have to remind me of your Twitter handle so I can let everyone know how fab your blog is.