Monday, April 18, 2011

Birthday Burning, Birthday Blessing

Life has been busy, and I realize I'm letting some of my basic personal goals fall by the wayside a bit. I guess this happens to us moms now & then though, eh?

I haven't blogged for over a week, haven't sewed much, & haven't outlined my yearly goals (remember I base them on my birthday year which started as of April 10!)

But I HAVE managed to almost set my mom's house on fire! For my birthday, a group of us gathered at her house to hang out (AKA Stitch & Bitch.) We were admiring an anal retentive spreadsheet of her garden-- yes, that's right, I said her GARDEN!! She unfurled this magnificent diagram with all it's colored plots, we passed it around to admire, and since I was the last to look at it, I curled it back up & set it on the table next to me. 

My SIL, "Is something in the oven? I smell something burning."

My BFF, "Why do I see flames?!?!?" she was looking my way.

Unbeknownst to me, I'd set this impressive spreadsheet on a burning candle!! Ah yes, this one will go down in family history. 

I grabbed the roll & hurriedly went to pile napkins on it thinking I'd smother the small flames. But in the meantime a long, slow expletive exploded from my mouth & rendered part of the room speechless. Not my typical style of transferring information...

All turned out well & fine. Even after my mom blew on the flames causing them to fly toward me, we were able to contain it & not catch the lamp, the couch or my clothes on fire. 
 (My younger daughter is trying to shield us from her beauty, while my older looks at her in wonder.)

(Had to show a closer view just so you could appreciate the magnificence of this spreadsheet!!)

At least it was a second copy, so no real harm done :)

We've all got warped senses of humor & laughed uproariously over it all. We went on to gorge ourselves on lots of good food (still need some recipes ladies!!) & even got some stitching done.

Other news to stay tuned for: a finished table runner for a friend, a birthday placemat, and a Gratitude Journal idea borrowed from another blog...

p/s And for those who wondered... Yes, I did get an ice cream cake for dessert!! 

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  1. I think you handled the fire very calmly since it was right next to you. :) It was an awesome day!