Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Pen with Paper versus Computer

Do you have a preference?

When you write, if you write, do you prefer using pen with paper or the computer? 

Not long ago if you'd asked me this, I wouldn't have hesitated to respond with an answer of "pen with paper". I've always like the act of putting ink onto paper. And I've enjoyed many afternoons rereading journal entries from years gone by.

But nowadays I'm so used to doing so much on the computer, typing is faster & less painful on the hands & wrists for me. I think I've come to appreciate the quickness with which I can get words written out on the computer. 

But it's just not the same as paging through a journal. It's not the same as seeing all those dented, written upon pages, and holding them, to really KNOW I've written them. 

Oh yes, I know, I can visually SEE I've written (typed) something on the computer for years afterward, too, however, I hate the act of scrolling through various pages. My eyes hate when I scroll for them. And then my eyes send their complaint to my brain = headache.

Currently I vacillate between an online journal, my paper journal shown above, and my blog, which is still typing online but in a different place. I'm getting annoyed with myself with having so many different areas of journalling going on. If I want to look back for something that I wrote about, I'm never sure with which source to begin.

So for now I'm going to keep going back & forth until I at least fill this butterfly notebook. Because I'm anal-retentive & I cannot leave it half blank & fully commit somewhere else :-)

Take care...


  1. Definitely the computer! I usually can't read my own writing (lol), plus I love having the use of spell check!

  2. I like the computer because I can post pictures in my journal online and that makes it look better. But I still read through my journals from college and Spain and my 20s and they were all in these wonderful spiral hardbound notebooks. So I see your issues. But I pretty much just put it all on my computer although I now have blog AND a journal and they aren't always the same. Oops -- talking too much!