Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Toaster Oven Baking FAIL!!

I recently bought the cutest, most reasonably priced toaster oven, which I've loved using just because some things taste better when not soggy. 

It heats up quickly, and has cooked lots & lots of lunches & reheats over the past few weeks, so when I ran out of room on my large cookie sheet going into my full-size oven, I thought I'd try popping them into the mini oven.

It was a burnt FAIL, and I'm not sure why? Anybody out there that can enlighten me? I set it at the temperature and for the time indicated, and yet these sugar cookies don't look anything like my large oven beauties. Hmm...  should've taken a this one versus those, but I didn't. 

Suffice it to say these are chunky & burnt, and the others are flatter, paler & taste good!

p.s. ~Getting more snow here in Lancaster, PA!

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  1. Snow, I really am not liking snow this morning. lol Anyway, I don't know why they failed but then I've never tried cookies in a toaster oven -- they are closer to the heat source than in a conventional oven (at least the bottom heat source).