Tuesday, August 21, 2012

We Work Out!

Yesterday marked Day 1 of my return to the gym! Those are my gorgeous girls, Morgan in the foreground & Maegan in the background. 
Can I just say that walking into a gym with your almost 16 & 20 year olds can be just a tad intimidating. Neither of them "needs" the gym, and then my middle-aged bod is walking in between them. Getting old sucks a little, that's all.

The last time I set foot in a gym, other than to watch a daughter participate in gymnastics, was over a decade ago. I've done lots of child-lifting, dog-walking, a little running, and lots of general yard/house work since then, but I've noticed a difference in muscle tone these last few years. (Again, the years piling up)

We joined together because generally speaking we travel as a pack. Besides, working out with someone is more fun & more motivating than doing it all by yourself. The plan is to hit the gym twice a week. I figure that's manageable in light of trying to work part time while also homeschooling my 10th grader. Outside of gym time, we're planning to start running regularly.

Maybe putting it down in writing here will make me more accountable? Generally speaking I enjoy exercising. Unfortunately, I'm prone to losing momentum once I hit a speed-bump & feel lazy, like when I get sick or some other unforeseen issues crop up, like my house flooding, or injuring my back, or I woke too late, slept wrong, it's sleeting, to much to do...

On the upside, my bod feels amazingly normal after what probably felt like cruel & unusual punishment to my under-exercised muscles! 

How do you all make time in your busy schedules to do what's good for your bodies? Do you exercise before work, after work, late at night? Our middle-of-the-day plans are unconventional, but since it seems to be what will work for all three of us, we're going with it!

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