Monday, March 26, 2012

My Slow Sunday ~ How I Miss You!

Ever had a weekend with which you just weren't ready to say goodbye? I'm sure most of us have! 

The whole weekend wasn't enjoyable, but Sunday my home felt to me like a little slice of Heaven.

And here's what I was up to:

Snuggled for awhile with the kitties before getting dressed...

Spent some time leisurely browsing all my various, addictive social media outlets I typically rush through during the week...

Organized my recipes & began putting them into 3-ring binders with page protectors...

Took my girls to rent movies & they didn't bother to "get dressed" ~ lol!

 Periodically checked on my dear hubby, who's painting my sewing room for my upcoming birthday!

And watched this movie, The Goonies, while prepping & cutting fabric to make my penpals some bookmarks...

I'd spent some time earlier in the week cleaning up Montie's room a bit (it's through that door.) We'd put our entire 1st floor on either the 2nd or 3rd floors in advance of the flooding in Sept. if it was small enough to go up the stairs, and most of it has been brought back down except for my sewing room boxes. But while I straightened things & began sorting through boxes, I found things like luggage & an old dog crate that were used around flood time too. So I dragged a bunch of things to the 3rd floor for storage, and after having made more room, put the boxes of fabric that had been in the room shown below into Montie's room.

I feel like I can move in this large landing-not-quite-a-room!!

I was THRILLED to set up my full-sized iron! Small things thrill us simple folk, and after ironing for the last 6 months on a table-top ironing board, using the full-sized one feels like some sort of luxury! Ah... perspective is everything, eh?

For dinner I threw some cheese on top of left over spaghetti with meat sauce & called it Baked Spaghetti. Salad was left over from the previous night's dinner, and I reheated some rolls in the toaster oven. For those of you who remember, I don't like to cook and so having a decent meal that isn't bought out but that I didn't really have to do much preparation for is Heavenly for me!!

I ended the evening by starting the movie Act Ventura: Pet Detective with the girls, but we turned it off at 9pm when we realized Long Island Medium was on for the first time this season!

Then I happily crawled in bed around 10:30 with my latest great read, The Hunger Games. I HAVE to read it before we go see the movie!

Now onto Monday & all the fun a workday brings.

Happy End-of-March all!


  1. Sounds like an awesome day.... maybe you can have another one! And the sewing room is looking GREAT! Marshall does a great job!

  2. HI Denise, sounds like you had a fun day! Thanks for thinking of me and stopping by my blog! I am slowly getting back into habit of blogging! :)

  3. That was a productive day! I love that you take the time to cuddle with your cats! I want to do that too, but my cat never cooperates.

    tanchyka from Swap-bot