Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Poltergeist?!?!?! It's a Mystery...

Smokey the spastic lab came flying down the stairs, trembling with fear ~ still growling, little muffled barks, and fearful glances at the back staircase. 

I went to investigate & found this in Morgan's room! I could just stand there for a whole minute, mouth agape, wondering HOW? Could Smokey have somehow knocked this over? This sucker is old & HEAVY. So as I stand there, my mind just doesn't accept that explanation. 

Maegan's room is connected, and I grilled her about what she heard. 

"I heard some load thumps"... okay... That's still not much of an explanation.

The rest of the gang took turns coming up to investigate why I was so incredulous. The door to the upstairs bedrooms was hanging open indicating Smokey had probably been in there (since he came flying down).

But I still cannot imagine how he'd turn this heavy piece of furniture over?

What do you think??? 

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