Monday, July 26, 2010

No camera!

I've been posting so little lately because I don't have a camera that works, and what fun is a new blog post without some eye candy???? Sigh, but alas, the camera my darling daughter dropped has finally given up. For a while it was just the screen that's supposed to show me what I'm taking pictures of that wasn't working. So I'd take 100 different shots of the same thing hoping to get one good shot off & then download them to the computer to see what I actually got. But now I can't even get the thing to go on, so off to Best Buy it must go for a visit to their Geek Squad. I know it has a 2-year extended warranty attached to it, but do you think I can find that lovely little piece of paper called a receipt??? NO... however, this may not actually be my fault. My hubby bought it for me for Christmas, and he's notorious for being shall we say..... absent-minded. He's truly like the typical absent-minded professor you may conjure up in your mind - brilliant in some ways but oblivious in others :-)

It's really a shame I cannot post a picture of my latest creation in disaster. There was recently a girls' sewing day hosted at my BFF's house, and three of us worked on sewing a lined, zippered purse! I was so excited to be learning how to put a lining in a purse, as I'd just recently learned how to put the zippers in. Toward the end we had to turn it all inside out, which we called the "birthing" process -there was a lot of huffing & puffing & grunting trying to get all that fabric & lining thru the little hole we'd left open to turn it all right side out!! So I'd birthed my bag right side out & sewed up the birthing hole, hung it so lovingly on my shoulder, petting that beautiful bag.... and when I reached inside to play with the pockets, thinking I'd start putting all my gadgets into the tailored-sized pockets for my hand sanitizer, chapstick, tissue pack, etc.... and realized that I'd sewn one whole pocket panel into the purse UPSIDE DOWN. You can all imagine the sobbing & screaming that was churning within!! Sigh.... I cannot go back to it yet. Yes, I could unsew a bunch, unbirth the sucker & redo it, and maybe someday I will... when I'm really, really bored & have nothing better to do.... hmmm... perhaps I'll just use it as a visual aid for when I do my next one?????

Stay tuned for pictures of my goodies from Quilt Odyssey here in Hershey, PA. I'm going to borrow one of the daughters cameras so I can do a show & tell....

Happy Monday!

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