Wednesday, May 19, 2010

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Okay, gonna press on. Still haven't "figured out" the pic/post thing. Obviously, I got pics up, but they're not cooperating by moving as I'd like, but I'm going to try not to obsess...

Anyway, thought I'd touch base & show some of the projects I've been working on. The first one here shows a Tennessee Waltz quilt I've been longarming for a client. I just finished it tonight & am pretty pleased with it!

I've had a bit of adult ADD going on this month with regard to projects as I keep switching from one thing to another & haven't been getting much finished.

I've done a little work on these blocks for my parent's anniversary quilt. My goal is to have this quilt finished by October, so I feel ecstatic that I'm already working on it!! lol I have a tendency to procrastinate once in a while. The pattern is called Autumn Days, and I believe the batiks my mom picked will make for a stunning top (this pic doesn't really do the colors justice.)

I've also been doing a little embroidery. This is very simplistic & some would just call it "stitchery". Nonetheless, it's been a project I've looked forward to during this very busy month of May when I'm exhausted by the end of the day, and I can sit calmly & quietly stitching. It's a breeze to do as I'm using one stitch, the stem stitch, and all navy thread, making it my "blue work" piece, and it's an iron-on pattern. The iron-on patterns are by Patterncentral & were bought at some quilt show a couple years ago. No counting, no thread changes, just stitching.

This next project is another iron-on by Patterncentral...
This was to play with techniques Patterncentral had displayed, whereby you iron-on the pattern and can do a variety of embellishment with markers, crayons, thread, etc. I chose to outline using a marker & colored in the picture with Prang crayons, but I'm not thrilled with my results. I find it elementary & am trying to decide if I want to stitch to outline & then add some piecing around it, quilt it, etc.... a work in progress....

Along with the projects I've showed, I've also celebrated 4 family member's birthdays, Mother's Day, celebrated my daughter's engagement, made & quilted two Quilts For Kids donation blankets (should've taken their pictures!!), altered a prom gown, attended a huge curriculum fair to pick up the texts for next school year, and am beginning the arduous task of assembling the paperwork for my younger daughter's homeschool portfolio... whew... it really has been a busy month!

I'm soooo looking forward to the beginning of June & relaxing a little -though I do have a to-do list a mile long for those "free" summer days.....


  1. I like the quilting you did on the customer quilt! Did you do it by hand?

    The saying that there is a pile of fabric behind every quilter is so true! :))

  2. Hi Zlaty! Thanks for taking time to read & comment :0)

    The quilting on the client's quilt is done with my longarm machine... I used a round ruler to get the circles right, but the feathers are done freehand. I do love to hand-quilt as well & have done a bit for a local shop, but with our lab puppy in the house now, it's harder to have things laid out to quilt by hand at the moment as I don't use a frame.

    Do you prefer to do hand or machine quilting?

    Hope you're having a great (long?) weekend!